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  • Cybergnomes and the Siege of St. Louis

    Well, after an epic journey, and after countless sieges, the Cybergnomes have come to fight their final battle, at the world championships. This year, the team will be competing on Hopper field. After a lot of hard work and dedication from our mentors and students, we have finally made it. We would like to thank […]

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    Help us get to Worlds (gofundme)

    Once again, the Cybergnomes have won a regional, and as a result, won a slot to the world championships. The Calgary alliance of 4334  Alberta Tech Alliance, 4625 The Trappers, and 2013 successfully captured that stronghold. Now, the gnomes have their sights set on the world championships. Only one last defense to breach on our […]

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  • Cybergnomes Capture Calgary!!

    In an very awesome siege, the Cybergnomes won the Western Canada Regional. The team did exceedingly well, seating 2nd out of 36 teams, and joining up with the 1st place team 4334 Alberta Tech Alliance, and the 26th ranked team 4625 The Trappers. In an exciting 6 -0 series of victories, this alliance took the […]

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    Gnomes In Calgary

    The Cybergnomes are competing today and tomorrow at the Olympic Oval in Calgary. If you would like to watch the live stream, here is the link Show your support. The matches they play in are as follows. 1, 12, 18, 23, 30, 35, 42, 47, 52, 57, 64. Go Gnomes go!!

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  • The Rapunzel device

    This weekend at the North Bay Regional, Cybergnomes will be revving up the newest addition to their 2016 robot arsenal known only at this time as “The Rapunzel Device”.    We want you to have the chance to be the official sponsor and have a unique place on our team. The highest contribution before Friday […]

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    The end of build season

    As the final of days of build season approach we are preparing to put the finishing touches on our competition robot.  Soon it will be packed up and our drive team will be honing their skills with the practice  robot. We hope all teams, new and old, had a great build season and have a great robot to compete.  We […]

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  • Kickoff 2016

    It’s that time of year again! Wake up gnomes! FIRST has released its new challenge, and its time to build! This years game, Stronghold. The objective, to break down barriers, and breach the opponents stronghold! Good luck to all teams!  

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    On the road to St. Louis

    Once again the Cybergnomes are headed to St. Louis for the world champion ships. With our awesome robot Totemator, and a successful and amazing team, we are ready to take on the world. If you want to see us compete, or want to watch some other robot, tune into Our team is on Archimedes, […]

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  • North Bay Regional Winners

    Last week (March 26th-28th), the Cybergnomes embarked on a momentous journey to North Bay Ontario to partake in the North Bay Regional FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition at Nipissing University. We spent the weekend competing and working with some of the best robots in the Regional. We were able to […]

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    Spaghetti Dinner

    The Cybergnomes will be holding their annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction on February 19th, 2015 from 5:00pm- 7:30pm! Join us for a delicious dinner made by the Cybergnomes, and for a chance to drive last year’s robot; The RatTrapp! If you have any questions or would like to buy tickets, contact us for more […]

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