Cybergnomes and the Siege of St. Louis

Well, after an epic journey, and after countless sieges, the Cybergnomes have come to fight their final battle, at the world championships. This year, the team will be competing on Hopper field. After a lot of hard work and dedication from our mentors and students, we have finally made it. We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, who give us this opportunity, and to all those who donated to our ¬†funding campaigns, without you, we couldn’t do what we do. And to all those who watch and cheer us from home, thank you. Your support puts smiles on all of our faces, even in rough battles. And there will be many of those to come, because this is the World Championship, and everyone who’s made it here is a deserving champion. If you want to watch the event, the live steam and match schedule will be linked below. Good luck Gnomes, may you find victory in your siege. Remember, they’ll never see you coming. Go Gnomes go!


Match Schedule(Tentative):

Match 7 Thursday 9:12

Match 21 Thursday 10:55

Match 38 Thursday 2:58

Match 50 Thursday 4:25

Match 60 Friday 8:38

Match 73 Friday 10:12

Match 79 Friday 10:54

Match 88 Friday 1:59

Match 107 Friday 4:18

Match 114 Friday 5:07

St. Louis is an hour behind, so please make sure to account for this. Match times are also subject to change, based on how the day progresses.

Live Stream: