Meet the Team!

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Travis, Grade 8

Jacob, Grade 8

Galen, Grade 9

Simon, Grade 11
This is my first year in the robotics team. I help with many different things on the team but usually work on the Chassis or other parts. I had joined to learn skills in programming and engineering and stayed because I enjoy working on and building the robot as well as for job experience and to build a great competition robot.

Sebastian, Grade 9

Tim, Grade 10


This is my second year in my first year I was pit boss and build team.
On my second year I am pit boss, the back up driver and build team. I love this team and joined because I want to be a engineer when I grow up and this is the perfect opportunity.


Cassidy, Grade 11

This is my second year on Cybergnomes Robotics, I am an experienced member of the build team and work on all parts as much as any other i’m also part of the drive team, when i’m not welding i’m shootin’.
If you think robotics isn’t for you, ask me how I joined.

Noah, Grade 9


This is my first year in Cybergnome robotics. I usually help with the construction of the chassis, sometimes other parts of the robot. I joined the team when a good friend(Myles) introduced me to the Cybergnomes and knew that i would enjoy being part of the robotics team.

Myles, Grade 9


John, Grade 12


Hi i’m John, and have been on the team for two years just finishing my third now, currently I am the administrative Lead for the team, and also a member of the build team. I enjoy using and experiencing the machines to craft parts for the robot, as well as welding the different part for the robot together.



Obi, Grade 12

Chris, Grade 12