•  “I was on the Cybergnomes Robotics team for 3 years, and during those three years I acquired many skills. Some of those skills are working with electrical systems, mechanical engineering, programming, fundraising, teamwork, and leadership. During my time on the team, I also recieved the Dean’s List Finalist Award. This award goes out to a student who shows outstanding leadership skills, as well as raise awareness of FIRST in their community. Thanks to the FIRST program, I now work at a mould and tool shop designing products for companies ranging from suitcase makers in Germany to stores like Victoria’s Secret and Costco. The FIRST program is designed to bring the best out of the students; and that is exactly what it does.” – Taylor Jacksch

    “Being a Cybergnome has changed my life in a variety of ways. I’ve gained many new skills, and built on existing ones while having fun. With being a Cybergnome, I gained skills to be able to talk to people easier. I also gained many leadership and administrative skills with the tasks I took on. I learned how to use computer programs a lot better, learned how to stay more organized, and also, learned how to organize events. I was also one of the lead roles on the website and social media aspect. With never doing anything website related, I learned easily and enjoyed doing it. Even though, I’m taking culinary management at Durham College, and not anything related to robotics, I still use these skills and tools on an everyday basis; whether it being in the kitchen or in the classroom.” -Sarah Lake

    “In elementary school, university seemed far fetched for my solid “C” average. When I started getting involved with the Cybergnomes, and FIRST in grade 7 (2006) things started to change. As I progressed into being part of the team in grade 9 and 10, university more became a goal. Though robotics took a lot of time and effort it taught me that with dedication anything can be accomplished. Engineering developed into a passion, and I am now 2.5 years through my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering.” -Andrew Bronee

    “Being involved with the Cybergnomes has taught me many skills from hands on technical skills like wiring and machining to presentation skills. Being on the team has swayed my decisions in what I am pursuing in a post-secondary education. I am currently in my second year at The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) studying Mechanical engineering. With this education I hope to pursue a career in engineering which all started with joining the Cyber Gnomes robotics team almost 3 years ago.” -Riley Kramers

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